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There’s no better time to start running than today! Considered as one of the best ways to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally, running is a simple yet highly beneficial form of exercise. There is also more to it than just a way to lose weight. So, set aside all pre-existing notions you have of running and read on to get 8 reasons from runnr on why you should start running today!




    Forget Netflix, starting a running journey is more interesting and action-packed than any of their shows’ plots! A single step that you take can lead to limitless possibilities. From finishing a full marathon to conquering a mountain trail path, you will smile, laugh, shed tears, and gain valuable lessons every step of the way. There are also just as many running variations to explore, just like all those show genres you enjoy streaming. There is tempo running, sprints, fartleks, ulthramarathoning, etc. And to think of all the possible rewards you will gain by simply moving your left and right foot, taking that first step, like Netflix, is pretty chill.


    2. IT’S CHEAP


      Yes, we just listed your favorite word. Running doesn’t require you to burn up a ton of cash. No fancy equipment? No gym membership? No problem! All you need is a good pair of running shoes and you’re ready to dash out the door. Head towards your chosen running path, be it sidewalk, park, track, or trail, and you’ve just began an amazing journey of endless exploration — for free!




        “No man is an island.” This statement holds very true to running especially with all the countless running groups and communities out there. You’ll find yourself treasuring relationships built with other fellow runners and gain useful tips, inspiring stories and amazing experiences along the way. You’ll never have to be alone in setting and accomplishing your running and life goals ever again, all thanks to the sweet taste of solid running camaraderie!




          Seriously, it does! Running Strengthens the heart and ensures efficient blood flow and oxygen throughout the body, decreasing the risk of a heart attack. Your cholesterol level and immune system will also be kept in check, finally freeing you from those long lines at the doctor’s office. And wait until you get your first dose of running endorphins! One small hit is all it takes to fight off anxiety, stress and fatigue. It’s a runner’s high that can last throughout the day, inspiring a more empowered and effective version of yourself!




            Rejoice, there’s an alternative to staying smart aside from reading books! Running releases neurotransmitters like dopamine and noradrenaline, which are key to the retention and recollection of information in the mind. It also increases brain cell formation and blood vessel growth, enabling the ability to stay focused longer while reducing the risk of dementia as you age. Besides, its already 2023, ever heard of audiobooks? It’s a great companion when covering some miles without flipping a single page!




              Running and sleeping are a match made in heaven. Aerobic and cardiovascular exercises like light running promote better sleep patterns at night by changing the body’s temperature. When going for a run, body temperature increases, and slowly dips during cool down. This results to deeper sleep, allowing the muscles to grow and fully recover. So, the next time you’re having a bad case of insomnia, try going for a run and you might just doze away in those heavenly pillows.


              7. RUN FOR A CAUSE


                Whether it’s your undying love for Mother Earth or simply supporting a local charity, running is a great way to celebrate your other passions! It’s a chance to run for something that’s bigger than yourself, making it even more meaningful. You might find yourself struggling in the race, but the thought of clear blue skies and helping local causes meet their goals will motivate you to dig deep and carry on! Next thing you know, you’ve already crossed the finish line with a shiny medal on hand. Now that’s hitting two birds with one stone!


                8. YOU ARE BUILT TO RUN


                Believe it or not, our ancestors were extremely effective endurance runners! Humans evolved from ape-like ancestors because they needed to run long distances to hunt or scavenge their next meal on the vast African savannah. This ability to run shaped modern-day anatomy, explaining our short toes, twisty waists, long Achilles tendons, and insane number of sweat glands. What better way to carry on the legacy of our ancestors than to run just like them and heavily enjoy the feast that comes after!


                So, these are the 8 reasons on why you should start running today! Find yourself ready to gear up, lace up, and rise up towards an epic running journey? Then go visit your nearest runnr store or head over to runnr.com.ph, for your much-needed running essentials! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well and join our VIBER Community, to stay up-to-date with all the latest on anything and everything runnr, the leading running specialty store in the Philippines. Happy running!

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