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 Let’s welcome 2022 with (the new) adidas Ultraboost 22!

With the rise of lightweight and carbon plated running shoes, a more traditional pair that can handle a ton of mileage has been less talked about. It’s a good thing that adidas Ultraboosts are still here and chugging along for those runners looking for a great mileage monster that doubles as a very great casual pair. I have been running for a few years now and for a woman who has large feet, buying from the men’s section is not foreign to me. For cases when my size is not available in the women’s section, I really have no choice but to get it in the men’s size. Most of the time, the obvious difference would only be the colorway, but some of them would be wider than the female counterpart. With that, adidas boosts *pun intended* that they are even going further with catering to the shape and support that women need, by improving their Ultraboost lineup.

At First Glance

Like with the Ultraboost 21, the first thing I noticed about this pair was the wide midsole especially at the heel section. A bulkier sole and raised heel looks awkward at first, but serves its purpose. I love the available colorways for the Ultraboost 22 and adidas has never failed in coming up with fresh colorways that are easy to style with. The laces are perfect in length and having them untied during runs will definitely not be a problem. On the insoles, you will see an indication that these are made with Parley Ocean Plastic, adidas’ commitment to helping save our oceans.


Testing the Ultraboost 22

I’ve been using these Ultraboost 22s from runnr for quite some time now, be it for runs or casually and the first thing I noticed was that these don’t feel as heavy as they are on paper (300+g is really heavy). It also doesn't feel flat and the transition is smooth, considering that these are bulky. No doubt, the style looks so good beyond its intended function. In addition, the continental outsole will surely make these shoes survive long enough that you can wear it for a whole marathon build up to another. 

How It Fits

The slip-on design and extended heel tab makes the Ultraboost 22 an “easy on and off” pair. These features have definitely made these shoes convenient to wear anytime. The upper is soft and very comfortable with a snug fit. It’s made out of Primeknit yarn that contains at least 50% Parley Ocean Plastic and 50% recycled polyester. Though I would love to have something more breathable given our climate temperature in the Philippines, those who enjoy a tight fit will not be disappointed with these shoes. If you have wide feet, I also suggest you size-up for a more comfortable fit.

adidas has stepped up its game with 1.2 million foot scans to reimagine this current iteration of the Ultraboost and so the shoe, now redefined, is precisely tailored for the female foot and promises to meet the demands of runners. With that, I can attest that the slimmer fit has allowed my heels to stay locked and in place. As for the midsole, the signature Boost midsole does not disappoint and is a good choice to those seeking really great cushioning. With the heel having a huge chunk of Boost, every step feels plush and bouncy as well. Although, with the sole unit being huge and chunky, the obvious drawback is its versatility. I would most likely grab these on easy days especially on those where I have errands after a workout, as the trainers offer that “everyday comfort”.

For the outsole, there’s a plastic shank in the middle running down near to the heel area which adidas calls the Linear Energy Push (LEP), which was also present in the Ultraboost 21. This system helps stiffen the sole, creating smoother running transitions from landing to toe-off. Also according to adidas, LEP provides runners with 15% more torsional rigidity and 4% more energy return than the Ultraboost 21, a welcome update from the predecessor. For women, the trainer also has an extra plastic support in the arch of the outsole, designed to give softer landings and pronation control. Then of course, there’s the Continental rubber sole that provides excellent grip on any type of surface, be it dry or wet.



The Verdict

The adidas Ultraboost has consistently been a popular choice among many runners for a reason. Even with the release of Ultraboost 22, that reason will likely stay the same. It’s a stable, grippy and reliable workhorse with a snug fit that offers a steady ride. Much like its predecessors, it is more of a daily trainer, but really offers good cushioning and guarantees you support when the goal is to slowly but surely go the distance. Lastly, a huge kudos to adidas for coming up with an environment-friendly pair that is made for women by women. 


Looking to #RiseUpAndRun with excellent energy return? Run today with the adidas Ultraboost 22! Head on over to a runnr store today and chat with them through Viber to score a pair, or shop here at for your other much needed running essentials! Make sure to follow runnr on Facebook and Instagram as well, for more shoe reviews, running blogs and to stay up-to-date with all the latest on anything and everything runnr, the leading running specialty store in the Philippines. Happy running!  




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