Why You Should Date A Runner (Or Not)

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Why You Should Date A Runner (Or Not)

Before we go deep into this piece, let me give you all a quick story. I requested that I write this article because I honestly thought this would be a cakewalk as I am for the most part, a runner after all, but kind of missed a few obvious and vital points about it. First, I’m single. No explanation necessary but you’re free to message me on my socials for concerns. Second, I did not foresee myself being all sappy asking and looking for photos from fellow runners in a relationship. Third, and the most annoying part, I am a hopeless romantic. Lastly, my gosh, I do miss being in love! Even with those missed points, I did stick to being a professional in the way I wrote this piece so now that I’ve let that out, let’s go on a journey into this article!

Ah, February, the second month of the year and the only month filled with different shades of red, hearts, and flowers! St. Valentine and the Romans are to be blamed thanked for this special holiday synonymous with love and fully reserved restaurants. It’s arguably the next best holiday after Christmas where consumerism is at an all time high. Almost all couples are ready to spend insane amounts for one big day!

While I researched this topic for a solid three hours, it just didn’t feel right to give you runnrs a half assed third person point of view. So I bit the bullet and decided to dig through my own experiences or misadventures on dating a runner. I hope you find this fun and relatable!

We are Very Committed 

This isn’t about you per se, this is about the training plan. Runners are generally more committed to the training plan than an impromptu dinner out which is why we rearrange our schedules ahead of time to fit in a long run or a workout. This gets doubly prioritized when there’s an incoming race. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though because that same commitment surely has the potential to carry over to  any relationship.

Sleep is everything

The age old saying that humans need 8+ hours of sleep everyday can not be anymore true. This sleep cycle is the priority next to shooting our flatlay pics before a race and checking the weather before a trail run. Getting enough sleep is also very crucial a day before our “Church of The Long Run”. While this has it’s obvious perks, this type of body clock can also be a b*tch when we have a night out. So plan out your night outs with your runner date to avoid rejection!

Vacations + Race = Racecation <3

What’s better than a week-long vacation? A week long vacation with a race! I mean after all, we runners will run during the vacation regardless if there’s a race or not anyway. So why not throw in a half or a marathon a few days on the vacation to make yourselves so tired you won’t have any complaints with whatever plan is thrown at you. Now, wouldn’t that be the best vacation ever?

Pro tip: Find a great place to visit THEN check if there’s a race for your runner date. No questions asked.

Prep the pompoms and cheer!

“If you’re not running, you’re cheering”. This is a saying I often share with my run club, EZRC. It is also applicable when dating runners (sports people in general). We seek encouragement and support from others. Seeing someone at the finish line smiling and waiting for us activates this kdrama scene in our heads, where we’re running towards someone in slomo. Catching us as we break the tape is also icing on the cake. If you’re not ready for this type of thing, a simple gesture like asking “how was your run?” actually means a lot. For some of us, like me, we have that as a secret love language. Only one thing tops cheering for us and that’s…

Run with us!

You don’t need to be obsessed right from the get go because you will get there eventually. You also don’t need to do it everyday because you will get there eventually. You also don’t need to buy so many running gears because again, you will get there eventually. What matters most is taking the time to run and fully experiencing the sport that we love. Plus after all, the pace really  doesn’t mean a thing when running with the person you like, and what’s not to like in having a person who likes the same thing as you? :)

Whether it be eating healthy or binge eating, waking up insanely early for a race or sleeping in on an off day, to a slow day after a long run or an epic day up on the mountains, dating a runner is an absolute adventure if you are up to the task and willing to let inspiration in. Oh, and to answer the question, why you should date a runner? Date one to know…or not.


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