XTEP Women's Qiansu Lite Running Shoes

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Size: 6
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Xtep Women's Qiansu Lite Running Shoes

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Color:            Black

Introducing XTEP Qiansu Lite, a fusion of advanced technology and lightweight design tailored for peak performance. Here's a closer look at the groundbreaking features of XTEP Qiansu Lite shoes:

Foam Technology: Setting a new standard in cushioning & engineered to provide exceptional comfort and support while maintaining a featherlight feel.

Dynamic Fit System: Engineered for precision and agility, the dynamic fit system of XTEP Qiansu Lite molds to your foot's contours, offering a snug and supportive fit for enhanced performance.

Breathable Mesh Upper: Crafted with breathable mesh materials, XTEP Qiansu Lite ensures optimal airflow and ventilation, keeping your feet cool and comfortable during intense workouts.

Responsive Midsole: The responsive midsole of XTEP Qiansu Lite offers unparalleled energy return, propelling you forward with each stride and maximizing your efficiency.

Featherweight Construction: Designed with a focus on reducing weight without sacrificing durability, XTEP Qiansu Lite shoes provide lightweight agility and nimble responsiveness for effortless movement.

Experience the pinnacle of performance and comfort with XTEP Qiansu Lite – the ultimate choice for athletes seeking lightweight agility and uncompromising support.

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Size: 6