Drymax Extra Protection Trail Rrunning 1/4 Crew

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Drymax Extra Protection Trail Rrunning 1/4 Crew Blue Grey Red


Ian Sharman is a 4-Time Leadville Trail 100 race winner. He is the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning Record Holder and has 8 straight top 10 finishes at the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. This Brit is steady, calculated and composed. He is a drymax sock wearer since 2012.

Trail Specific Features & Protection
Prevent Blisters - Improve Performance

The Sharman Extra Protection Trail Running sock was developed in conjunction with Ultra Runner Ian Sharman. Ian is the current record holder of the Grand Slam of Ultra Running™. Ian knows that trail running places different demands on the feet than running on roads, so for extra protection we added PTFE to his sock. Our Extra Protection Trail Running sock helps prevent foot blisters during off road marathons and long-distance runs, as well as protect runners prone to getting foot blisters at lower mileages. Trail runners who switch from conventional wicking fiber socks to the Sharman Trail sock will be much happier without blisters, helping them lower times and increasing mileage.

The Sharman has the Turn Down 1/4 crew leg which gives the wearer a choice between a 1/4 crew or mini crew leg height and is topped off by the inclusion of the Union Jack flag.

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