PTP Myosphere Black

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PTP Myosphere

  • The 12 cm diameter of the MyoSphere makes it ideal to self-massage the large troublesome muscles in the legs (calf and hamstring), hips, gluteals, torso (pecs and obliques), shoulders and upper back.
  • Providing a firm tissue massage, the MyoSphere will satisfy those who wish to achieve a more intense massage experience.
  • Thanks to its unique spherical textured design, the MyoSphere is easy to keep in place, use to apply sustained pressure or roll away with a 360-degree plane of motion.
  • Made from a high density material, the MyoSphere withstands repeated use without losing its shape.
  • How does the MyoSphere work? Using the SMR (Self-Myofascial Release) technique (rolling away or applying sustained pressure to sore areas), the MyoSphere helps to break up tissue adhesions by penetrating through the layers of muscle and fascia. 

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