PTP Powertube Elite Extreme PTP E6

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PTP Powertube Elite Extreme E6 Black

  • The Extreme PTP PowerTube provides a tension equivalent to 22.4 kg at full extension.
  • It is designed to challenge athletes and individuals subject to intense physical activity.
  • The PowerTube represents a great starting point to build your very own resistance gym or add to it.
  • It is compatible with the PTP Power Handles (for upper body workouts), Ankle Straps (for lower body workouts), Door Anchor (for home/hotel room training) and Outdoor Anchor (for training out in the open).
  • The built-in metal carabiners allow you to add or subtract resistance and to switch from lower to upper body exercises in next to no time.
  • With our special internal safety string that prevents tube overstretching, you will be able to train with peace of mind.
  • If you own a PTP Total Resistance System, the PTP PowerTube can also provide a handy tube replacement option when your old one starts showing signs of wear and tear.

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