PTP Powertube Elite Light PTP E2

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PTP Powertube Elite Light Neon

  • If your fitness level rather falls into the beginner category or your goal is to develop an overall lean physique and gain flexibility, the Light PTP PowerTube represents a great starting point to build your very own resistance training system.
  • It provides 5.5 kg worth of tension and is safe and easy on the joints to prevent injuries.
  • As you feel the need for further challenge, the built-in clips will let you easily add on resistance.
  • Complete your system with a pair of PTP Power Handles (for upper body workouts), PTP Ankle Straps (for lower body workouts), a PTP Door Anchor (for home training) and a PTP Outdoor Anchor (for training in your backyard, a park or at the beach).
  • The PowerTube comes with an internal safety string that prevents it from being overextended past its snapping point, giving you total peace of mind when training.
  • If you already own a PTP Total Resistance System and wish to add a tube or replace an existing worn out tube, obtaining this PowerTube can also prove to be useful and cost-effective.

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