Ptp Superband Heavy

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Ptp Superband Heavy Grey

Do you want to strengthen your core, lats, shoulders, pectorals, biceps and triceps? Chin-ups, pull-ups and dips are effective compound exercises to work these muscles, but can be particularly daunting or challenging to beginners. Fortunately, the PTP SuperBands are here to help. How? Our SuperBands work by helping you lift your own body weight. The thicker the SuperBand, the greater the leverage and the easier the chin-up, pull-up or dip. Offering up to 54.5 kg worth of leverage, this black SuperBand is on the heavy side, which means it will suit those in need of a great level of assistance. If, however, it is used for explosive power training to improve strength and speed, this particular SuperBand will feel quite challenging and we therefore recommend it for athletic training and/or strong individuals.

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