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Ever wanted to do chin-ups, pull-ups or even muscle-ups, but not feeling strong enough to attempt them? The Medium PTP SuperBand has you covered, providing a force equivalent to 34.1 kg. How does it work? Simply thread your SuperBand on monkey bars (or any sturdy bar like the PTP Pull-Up Bar), slowly step into it, and let it gently propel you up. Training with a SuperBand represents an easier way to train your upper body and increase muscular strength in your back, shoulders, chest, arms and abs. Providing greater control over your movements, the SuperBand also allows you to learn proper technique and alignment from the start. Once you progress, move on to a slimmer and slimmer SuperBand until you're able to perform chin-ups and pull-ups on your own. If you wish to increase your explosive power (strength and speed combined), you can also train by running against the resistance of your SuperBand.

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