XTEP Men's Journey Running Shoes

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US Size: 9
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Xtep Men's Journey Running Shoes

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Color:              White Canvas / Foggy Blue

The midsole incorporates XTEP ACE cushioning technology, offering a lightweight, highly cushioned, and responsive experience for comfortable wear.

Featuring a ring-shaped TPU structure extending from the heel to the midfoot, the design significantly enhances support and stability. This structure not only strengthens foot protection but also makes the footwear suitable for a broader range of individuals.

The outsole, constructed entirely from wear-resistant rubber, displays a robust grip pattern that comprehensively enhances both wear resistance and slip resistance. This feature facilitates easier navigation across various challenging road conditions.

The upper is crafted from a combination of double versions of fly knit and twisted heddle materials, catering to diverse wearing experiences. The new custom-made eighteen-needle fly knit material offers a refined texture, skin-friendly comfort, improved ductility, and dynamic foot wrapping for a softer wearing experience. The upgraded twisted heddle fabric, with a finer texture, is lighter and more robust, delivering enhanced foot protection during exercise.

The front of the vamp employs PP Membrane to augment upper support and wrapping, ensuring a secure and comfortable feel while providing protective care for the toes.

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US Size: 9