XTEP Men's Tancheng Max Running Shoes

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US Size: 9
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Xtep Men's Tancheng Max Running Shoes

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Color:              Canvas White/ Wavy Blue

Embark on a journey of unrivaled comfort and performance with XTEP Tancheng Max.

Key Features:

PISA Supercritical Foam Technology: XTEP integrates the world's first PISA supercritical foam technology into its shoes, ensuring optimal cushioning and support for your feet.

XTEP ACE Cushioning Technology: Our XTEP ACE cushioning technology utilizes a full-foot sole nylon fiber board and marathon-graded CPU outsole to reduce dorsiflexion of metatarsophalangeal joints and improve muscular strength.

Innovative Insole Material: XTEP ACE features an innovative insole material with vibrant rebound and plump cushioning, providing unmatched comfort and support during your workouts.

Feather Foam: Crafted from a special polymer material, Feather Foam offers lightweight support and excellent pressure resistance. This allows for a light and rebounding stride with every step you take during exercise.

Experience the difference with XTEP shoes – where cutting-edge technology meets exceptional comfort and performance.

Weight: 0.75kg
Dimensions: 23.17cm x 3.33cm x 4.17cm

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US Size: 9