XTEP Women's Speed 5.0 Running Shoes

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US Size: 6
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Xtep Women's Speed 5.0 Running Shoes

Product Code: 976118110043N240
Color:              Canvas White/Blue Purple

Introducing the XTEP Speed 5.0, a pinnacle of performance and innovation engineered to elevate your running experience. Here's a detailed description of its features:

Dynamic Design: The XTEP Speed 5.0 showcases a sleek and aerodynamic design, crafted to minimize drag and maximize speed.

Responsive Cushioning: Equipped with advanced cushioning technology, including the innovative PISA supercritical foam, the Speed 5.0 delivers responsive cushioning with every stride, ensuring optimal comfort and support.

Enhanced Stability: Featuring the XTEP ACE cushioning system, which integrates a full-foot sole nylon fiber board and marathon-graded CPU outsole, the Speed 5.0 offers enhanced stability and reduces the dorsiflexion of metatarsophalangeal joints, improving overall performance.

Breathable Upper: The Speed 5.0's breathable mesh upper promotes airflow, keeping your feet cool and dry during intense workouts.

Lightweight Construction: Engineered with lightweight materials, the Speed 5.0 minimizes weight without compromising durability, allowing for agile and effortless movement.

Durable Outsole: Designed for longevity and traction, the Speed 5.0's durable outsole provides reliable grip on various surfaces, ensuring stability and confidence with every step.

Customized Fit: With options for lace-up closures and adjustable straps, the Speed 5.0 offers a customized fit tailored to your preferences, enhancing comfort and performance.

Stylish Aesthetics: Beyond its performance-driven features, the XTEP Speed 5.0 boasts a stylish design, available in a variety of colors and aesthetics to suit your personal style on and off the track.

Experience the thrill of speed and performance with the XTEP Speed 5.0 – where innovation meets excellence in every run.

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US Size: 6