5 Steps to Kickstart Your Running Journey

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5 Steps to Kickstart Your Running Journey

Congratulations! You’re here and ready to take the first step.

It turns out your commitment to start running is real, whether it was an easy decision or quite a hard sell. You’ve thought about it forever, or you might’ve just magically landed and got hooked reading 8 Reasons to Start Running Today. Well, runnr appreciates your presence as we become your proverbial tour guide in the crazy world of running. To start, we’ve prepared a guide just for you on how to kickstart your running journey! With 5 simple steps, your road towards achieving your personal best will be done in a fun and effective way—the runnr way! 

Set Running Goals

Give a purpose to every run you make. Take time to figure out what the driving force is every time you start letting those legs fly. Whether it’s to lose weight, finish a marathon, gain more endurance, or simply beat boredom, having running goals will keep you consistent. They provide assistance in tracking and measuring your progress and will guide you in making the necessary adjustments to be a more efficient runner.

To better accomplish these, it is highly recommended to set specific but realistic goals. Setting too high, messy, and uninteresting goals will only set you up for failure, risking a bad start to your running journey

Choose the Right Running Gear

Running is known to be a simple sport that requires little equipment. All it takes is a pair of running shoes to get started (with a few accessories here and there to improve efficiency and comfort). Choosing the right running shoes based on your foot type and strike is essential to achieving the running goals you’ve set. So make sure you find yourself a shoe companion that’s able to support the running journey you want, instead of one that will hold you back.

Running with the right gear is also a great way to promote proper running form and stride, reducing the risk of getting irritated and injured. By wearing soft, quick-drying, and sweat-wicking apparel, your runs will be more comfortable. Because, trust us, there are so many annoying things that can happen during a run, but nothing is as bad as a serious case of chafe! The gear you choose may also function as protection and balance out external factors that are beyond your control. Hiding from the sun is impossible, and a tough workout will make the muscles sore, but there is magic in putting on a cap and some compression wear. Don’t forget about convenience too! Using a watch to track your runs will efficiently measure your progress towards your goals, and a running pack is a great way to store small items like a cellphone and house keys. And hydration gels!

Practice Proper Training

This is where it gets exciting! You’re taking the first steps towards your running goals. Keep things simple, slowly breathe, and don’t “just do it”! Be patient, and you’ll be rewarded, because as you go further, there is a good chance that you’ll start discovering and incorporating more types of training. Various running levels demand specific running programs, so don’t be surprised if you start finding a 3K run relatively easy as compared to when you started. Not breaking a sweat simply means progress! This is the point where increasing your mileage and cross-training are suggested. Doing so will make you a faster and stronger runner, opening new doors in your running journey.

You might also want to start exploring other types of running workouts. If you’re someone who enjoys mixing things up, setting up a weekly running schedule combining different running styles will do the trick. You can choose to be a speed demon, taking shorter but faster runs, or take a more Forrest Gump-like approach in a slow, long run. Entering race events is also a great way to test your current running level. On race day, you’ll naturally push yourself harder, which can reveal your running strengths and weaknesses. This allows you to find ways to maintain and further improve your running economy when training

Join a Running Community

Don’t tackle your running journey alone! Surround yourself with fellow runners and buckle up for a more fulfilling running journey. It’s a welcoming bunch, with someone always ready to offer you tips on how to be a better runner—and they’re a dime a dozen! What could start as a simple group conversation geeking out over a shared obsession with the latest running shoe releases might lead to long-lasting friendships that go beyond running. It’s also a great support system to have when encountering challenges or injuries, and every running milestone you pass will be a call for celebration (yes, simply signing up for a race might already get you a medal in the form of cake!).

The easiest way to experience the pleasures of a running community is to join a running club. These clubs often hold running sessions twice a week and take place across different top running spots around the metro. It’s normally led by running coaches and pacers to ensure you finish a specific distance within a certain time period. Some clubs are also known to feature special programs to further help members reach their running goals while becoming more connected. So when choosing a club, settle for one that provides more than just running but an overall sense of community. We recommend some of our partner clubs such as Rockwell Run ClubEZ Run ClubCubao Run Club, and more!

Stay Inspired

This last step is, arguably, the most important. Your running journey will be comprised of so much exhilaration and fulfillment! However, there will be times when you just can’t help but question why you’re choosing miles of discomfort over laying on your couch. This especially pops up when you’ve finally accomplished the initial running goals you made (good job, the cocktail dress now fits, and you’ve got a date). Having thoughts like this is completely normal, but it should not dictate the direction of your running journey!

Staying inspired will help you get back on track. It is a process that requires a constant check-in to ensure that all four previous steps are aligned with each other. Reestablish your running goals and support them with the new proper gear, training, and relationships that you need! Your body might already be capable of running a marathon, so the basic shoes and slow runs will no longer do the trick! Upgrading into racing shoes and improving speed work might be better, and in doing so, you might just come up with new running goals that are ready to inspire you.

There is also a never-ending flow of inspirational running stories to keep you uplifted all throughout your running journey. From stories of amputees finishing a marathon to ordinary people making extraordinary records, there is a wide selection of running books and movies that showcase the power and beauty that running can bring. So prepare to be entertained; it’s going to be an exhilarating ride!


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