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RUNNR’s 15th anniversary

RUNNR’s 15th anniversary

Runnr recently celebrated its 15th anniversary with a renewed focus on the running community. As a premier running specialty store, we offer cutting-edge services such as foot and video gait analysis, 3D Volumental foot scanning, and carry top global running brands. Over the past 15 years, runnr has been dedicated to enhancing the running experience for enthusiasts of all levels.

During the anniversary event at runnr flagship store in, Bonifacio High Street, BGC, runnr organized an event run followed by exciting raffles featuring giveaways like shoes, running gear, and gift cards, for the community. The dignified Rockwell Run Club played an integral role in providing guidance and support to both fellow runners and the entire event as a whole.

runnr's founder, Toby Claudio, also announced the launch of the new RunnrClub aimed at fostering a closer-knit running community. Our mission is clear: to support and unite runners, from beginners to marathoners and triathletes, by providing them not only with the widest range of high-quality products but also with the expertise to optimize their running performance through personalized services like gait analysis.

runnr is committed to giving back to the community that has supported us for 15 years, ensuring that every runner receives the best possible support and products for their running journey.


Join the community and run with us! For inquiries, contact us at, or shop now here at! Make sure to follow runnr on Facebook and Instagram as well for more running blogs and to stay up-to-date with all the latest on anything and everything runnr, the leading running specialty store in the Philippines. Happy running!

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